Tim Braun

Winnipeg musician Tim Braun has been playing music for a long time. Only a few years ago he realized that the music running in his head wasn't something anybody else had heard, and if he didn't get it out there, no-one else would ever hear it. So he found a song-writing circle and started working on song-craft.

Tim is a familiar face on the local music scene. He has contributed guitar work to live and recorded sessions for a variety of musicians, with styles over a wide range of rock, pop and folk music. Tim creates an eclectic fusion of acoustic and electric musical elements on songs with melodies and guitars that travel effortlessly through the imagination.

He writes poetic folk-pop with a twist of strange and an extra dash of rhythm - sweetly accessible while leaving you something to chew on - Tim's music speaks to the world around him with his reflections on that world. You could call it fairly rootsy, folk-influenced music exploring themes of romance and morality, searching for peaceful calm amidst a turbulent world.

Tim's interest in music blossomed moons ago when he started listening to the CJUM 101.5 back in the 1970's. Tim's musical influences include the usual suspects who really don't need to be repeated, as well as less known names like John Prine, Elvis Costello, Lucinda Williams, and Mark Heard, and local musicians like John K. Sampson,Brent Parkins, Steve Bell, Big Dave McLean.

Tim is also active with a Children's entertainment group called Alphabet Soup. A long time resident of South-East Winnipeg, Tim is married and has two cats in the yard.

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