Live Love Loud
© 2002 Tim Braun

This is not a story
Not a diversion nor an op-ed piece
Standing on the edge of where we want to be
Looking over the precipice

You and I, we walk our roads
On occasion we meet on the Corner
Complacency is not your friend
It takes an effort to look beyond your borders

Live Love Loud
Take your place at the head of the crowd
Live Love Loud
Don't be afraid to not be proud

Tianenmen and Saint Mark's square
The tanks rolled through Manila, too
Don't know their names and I don't know yours
Could be me, it could be you

Too much time spent waiting
Tomorrow still seems hours away
Clouds move across but the sky don’t change
Even when you see it, do you think it's grey?

Woman named Theresa says the only way
To learn humility is through humiliation
Step up, neck out, head cut off
Might be embarrassing, could be your salvation

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