Marian Devotion
© 2002 Tim Braun

Flowers with scent and intricate curl
When I bring my face near your neck
That glorious splendour in blossom and twirl
Expressions of your loveliness
Each arc colours the world in hues of wonder

In these Days of Marian Devotion
There's nothing I can find to say
Of your beauty that hasn't been better portrayed
By your garden so richly arrayed – by your garden so richly arrayed

Crown of leaves on an elm in the breeze
Catching the rhythm to dance with the wind
Something of that brings you to mind
I can see your hair and the movement your head makes
When we're waltzing with nobody there

I write each line with hesitation
Words don’t carry the true description –
I can’t describe you with erudition
Half so well as the plants you tend –
Like the flowers of your own garden

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