Saskatchewan Girl

© 2002 Tim Braun

She don't need a big rock to put a flash in her eyes
Don't take guff from those kids, though they be twice her size
Works hard to earn her keep, she's learning to be wise
She's got her goals and a smile sweet as saskatoon pies

Saskatchewan girl – She'll look you right in the eye
Saskatchewan girl – Roots deep, and dreams high
Saskatchewan girl – Heart's as big as the sky
It takes some grit to make a pearl – She's a Saskatchewan girl

Take a good look at the Northern Lights
How quick they snap and change at night
Her mood can ripple from sadness to great delight
You want to be the one to make her face go bright

Don't under estimate her or patronize
You face a prairie storm hazard - lightning in her eyes
You can see the storm coming from the edge of the skies
Take cover or run for your life

She handles herself mostly just fine
But appreciates some care - Tender like a vine
So she knows that you're thinking along the same lines
Getting better like a dandelion wine

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