Shoot Your TV
© 2000 Tim Braun

Here's a little something we can learn from Elvis
I'll tell you a little about the King
He may have bloated up like a walrus
But he took no guff from his TV

Built to sell, sell to you
They want your eyes, can't use your head
Rise up now people take a stand and
Bring your TV to an end
Shoot Your TV, Shoot Your TV, Shoot Your TV

Go on out and get yourself a great big gun
We don't want no mistakes made
That idiot box is going down
Down to its phosphorescent grave

Twisting reality to suite the agenda,
The eye can't see beyond the lens,
They want your eyes, can't use your head
Take your eyes, take your head

Stand way back now, let it fly
The smoke will rise and the glass will fly
You don't want that getting in your eye
Don't get your TV in your eye

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