Hush, Hush, We All Fall Down
© 2001 Tim Braun

The kids are crying and they just want their daddy back
You want to cry with them,
'cause you want him back, too
There are things now that you must do some-how,
And there are some things that you'll never do
Dreams carried away with the dust as it blows

And the chairs that are empty and the echoing sounds
And I said, “Hush, Hush, We All Fall Down”
The sadness is shared but tears fall on their own
And I said, “Hush, Hush, We All Fall Down”

Who you gonna call when all the lines are down?
Its walking for you, there's no taxis downtown
Don’t’ try to tell me what might happen this day
Don't tell me again what happened that day
Here's an evil here and it calls to us all

It's been three weeks now and the fine dust still rises
You can see it from Jersey, and out on the L.I.E.
There goes a fire-truck, well, let's all give 'em a hand
That dust gets in your eyes, yeah, that's what brings the tears
It’s that dust, bringin’ the tear

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